sites – access list of indexed sources

This is part of IbSearch API v1.x.


count Can be omitted. t counts total number of images indexed from the site. A set of s q e letters detalizes the count by image rating (safe/edgy/explicit).
site[] Can be omitted. Is a list of site IDs or aliases to return. Makes sense to use when using count for faster response and less server load.


Produces an array of entries with the members described below.

Key Meaning Example
id Numeric ID of the site used internally by IbSearch. 2
home Full URL of the site's home page.
domain Short URL without scheme and www., if present.
alias Short name of the site used, for example, in site modifier. Guaranteed to only contain Latin letters, digits, dashes and underscores. danbooru
title Pretty human-friendly name of the site. Danbooru
engine Some loose name describing the kind of software powering the site and its version. Danbooru 2
Extra field returned when count is set to t
c_total Total number of images in IbSearch's database that come from that site. They are returned by site:danbooru. 1900732
Extra fields returned when count is a set of s q e
c_s Total number of safe/edgy/explicit images from that site. They are returned by site:danbooru rating:s.
If you query for count=sqe and sum up the numbers you will get c_total.
c_q 786753
c_e 145338

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