IbSearch Developer's API

IbSearch APIs of versions prior to 2015 have been removed and are no longer supported.

Currently supported API version is one: 1.x. You are most likely looking for the images method that lets you query the database.

Note that access rate is limited based on your API key (or absense of one - in which case you are using public anonymous key).

API keys

You can get your own free API key by clicking on the button below. It will significantly increase your allowed access rate. No info is needed from you (not even e-mail if you feel secret).

If you have a key you can see request statistics, parse image query string, limit allowed sources for your key and do other useful things.

Hey, I'm looking for a mobile dev to hire

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Something's broken or missing?

You can leave feedback or ask questions regarding API or any other aspect of IbSearch at this page.


When What

Search migrated to Sphinx. Unlike previous backend, most queries return under 1 second.

Internal changes of most modifiers' behaviour, especially of like.

Removed relevance mod. Added backend and ranker mods.

Query string's tag search format has changed from MySQL Boolean Full-Text Search to Sphinx Extended Query Syntax:

  • AND mode by default: 1girl 1boy requires both tags in one image.
  • No more +prefix - operators are used instead: 1girl & 1boy (implied, can be omitted), 1girl | 1boy (OR mode).
  • Special ?optional tag prefix has been added.
  • Speacial (this or that /2) quorum construct has been added. This is more flexible than previous relevance>N modifier.
  • Most symbols are ignored so twin-tails, twin_tails, twin*tails, twintails and so on are equivalent.
  • Large list of tag aliases is used for all queries so that armour equals armor. No more need for (armour | armor).

Restarted crawlers after the delay. Added Konachan.


Added tags & sites API functions.

Added shortcut image query format.


Added OpenSearch provider.


Fixed missing/broken images/thumbnails (only took a few months, huh?).